Are you getting married or attending a wedding this year, and still have not decided on which hairstyle to rock? Do not panic! Whether you are looking for a wedding hairstyle for long, medium length or short hair, we got you covered! Picked for you are 5 key trends of the moment, that adapt to all hair types and lengths.

Get inspired by our wedding hairstyle board on Pinterest and find the hairstyle that will make you look like the bride or guest wearing the best style of the day!

One bride with a braided bun and one bride with a red flower crown.

Photo credit: Sarah Carpenter PhotographyKelsea Holder Photography.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

It’s not possible for you to miss THE bohemian and country-styled trend for bridal hairstyles: floral head wreaths! Flowers are no longer just reserved for bouquets and centerpieces, they now show their presence in wedding hairstyles too! Whether it be a half crown or full crown, stitched on a hairband or used to accessorize a braided hairstyle, they tailor to all tastes and styles.
Depending on your choice of flowers (natural or artificial, small branches, large flowers etc.), colour and the quantity used, the result will be more natural, bohemian and romantic or totally original and sophisticated. What is certain, is that you’ll be right in trend, by adding flowers to your wedding hairstyle!

Wedding Hairstyles: 5 Unavoidable Trends. 9 photos of bridal hairstyles with flowers.

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Wear your hair down

A trend noticed for several years and always in vogue is the return of woodland and countryside weddings. This trend is thus translated by natural bridal hairstyles that favor the hair down (full or half-way), often styled with loose curls or “wavy” strands and nothing else!

It’s the ideal hairstyle for long and medium length hair, and it’s quite simple to do. It equally gives you an authentic and fresh look, which will accentuate your natural beauty!

Wedding Hairstyles: 5 Unavoidable Trends. 6 gorgeous brides with loose hair.

Photo credit: 1: Tessa Barton | 2: Glamour Paris | 3: My Wedding | 4: Michael Radford Photography | 5: Lauren Peele Photography | 6: Jessica Janae Photography.


Also coupled to the current trend of nature and rural weddings, braids have made its way back into wedding hairstyles: the classic braid, French braid or fish braid – no matter which technique is chosen, braids suit all your bridal needs!

Many hairstyles are possible: from a simple braid to a half crown braided bun, you’ll be spoiled for choice when creating your own wedding hairstyle!

Wedding Hairstyles: 5 Unavoidable Trends. 8 examples of braided hairstyles for the bride.

Photo credit: 1: Elstile | 2: The Wonder Forest | 3: Lane Dittoe Photography | 4: Hair & Make-Up by Steph | 5: Sarah Carpenter Photography, Hair stylist: Quynh  Nguyen| 6: Myday.ynet | 7: Missy Sue | 8:

Romantic Updos

We could not write an article on wedding hairstyle trends in 2016 and not mention the bun! Classic among classics, the bun has always been a safe bet when it comes to choosing a hairstyle for a wedding, both for its aesthetic side (as it gives a very elegant look and beautifies the overall look of your head) and for its convenience (the hair is tied and fixed in place, which equates to a perfect hairstyle that will last the entire night).

This year,  brides are mostly wearing the bun low on the neck, a little loose, and with loose strands protruding from both sides, for a chic and romantic look, perfect for a bride or bridesmaid.

Wedding Hairstyles: 5 Unavoidable Trends. 5 brides with different kinds of buns.

Photo credits: 1: Freckled Fox | 2: Liz Banfield | 3: Heather Hawkins Photography | 4: Elstile | 5: Le Secret d’Audrey.

Hair Jewellery (or Head Jewellery)

If there is one day, where all you can afford to think about, is realizing your dreams of being a princess, this one is it!  Why not add a very special accessory to your bridal hairstyle: hair jewellery (or hair pieces) or a head jewel! Tell yourself: “it’s now or never”! And you are right! Very fashionable in the early twentieth century, this trend has gradually disappeared to return to the forefront, in the last few years, in the form of the famous “headband”. It has now become a must try, to give a chic and bohemian feel to any hairstyle – from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Besides the late classic head jewellery, there are many lovely options available to you to create a wedding hairstyle that is unique and stylish…especially this one: the hair pin (or hair brooch), placed strategically, on one side of the head or in a bun, or even small jewel hair pins placed in several spots whether in a braid or in a half-crown, or in a high bun or low bun.

Are you convinced? Go take a tour on the website of Montreal’s Designer, Charlotte Hosten. Created and handmade in Montreal, her bridal accessories are made in limited editions and sometimes are, one-of-a-kind (some models available online, customization is also possible).

Wedding Hairstyles: 5 Unavoidable Trends. 8 examples of bridal Hair Jewellery.

Photo credit: 1 & 2: Laura Gordon Photography | 3: PowderBlueBijoux via Etsy | 4: Ayajewellery via Etsy | 5: Santiago Murillo Photography | 6: GildedShadows via Etsy | 7: Capelio via Etsy | 8: Pinterest.

So, which one is your preferred style? Still undecided? Find more inspiration by following our Pinterest board dedicated to wedding hairstyles! Not only will you will find tons of ideas to share with your stylist in order to create the perfect hairstyle for your wedding, but also plenty of tutorials for the brides who wish to try their luck and style their hair without the help of a pro. We still advise you to get help from a friend who is creative and savvy when it comes to hair… you should try to limit the stress on the big day!

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