If you’re from Quebec and you’re into weddings, there is a HUGE chance you heard of la Mariée Bohème. If not… Now is the time to discover this amazing and talented boss lady! Victoria owns a wedding decoration and rental company and everything with her is just about details and style. Do you like bohemian and modern weddings? Keep reading!

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About you: Please tell us about yourself

My name is Victoria Lafleur, and I’m from Montreal. I’ve always loved outdoors, fashion and going to flea markets with my dad… I guess that’s no surprise I own la Mariée Bohème when you look at it this way! I used to work in the fashion industry and although I liked that a lot, I was feeling like something was missing. I remember when I started working in weddings, oh my god! That was so fulfilling! I really loved the feeling I had discovering that I could work in an industry that was the perfect combination of everything I loved.


What types of services do you offer?

Styling for a wedding is the biggest part of our service offer. We can also create handmade props, stationery, wedding coordination for the day and of course, decor rentals.

Meet Victoria Lafleur, la Mariée Bohème

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Why should a bride consider your services for her big day?

What I offer is a very personalized style and I like to take the time to meet my clients and even become friends with them. That way I fully understand what they want for their wedding and I am in a better position to help them. I go see the venue with them, we talk a lot about the trends they like or not and I often become a guide for them to see more clearly through everything they have in mind!

My clients say that they love the fact not nothing is impossible for me. I have so many connections that I can practicly make any dream come true!


Of course I follow you on social media and you always post incredibly beautiful photos. Where do you find your inspiration?

I’m inspired by everything I see. The boho trend that I have been following lately comes from Australia and is evolving towards a more modern style, which I love. I like to do online research and to find little treasures on Kijiji or Craigslist. With a bit of imagination, you can be inspired by anything, pretty much. 


What would be your favorite memory and why?

The day I decided to quit my former job and to jump into this adventure for real! Word of mouth was starting to bring me more and more clients so that at one point, I had to choose. It was hard but now, I know this was the best idea ever!

Geometric stationery wedding suite

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What advice can you offer for brides when selecting the furniture/accessories for their wedding? 

I have so many!

Having a budget would be my first advice. If you don’t know how much you are ready to pay for your decor, it will be more difficult to stop yourself! Depending on the style you are looking for, I’d say that $1500 to $2500 is a good bracket.

Then, I would say that yes, brides and grooms can go on Pinterest for ideas. But don’t forget to choose one style, one theme, and to stop looking once your heart is set!  A pro can help you to mix & match some elements, of course, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Geometric terrarium

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What is your process for rentals?

It’s pretty simple! You can go to la Mariée Bohème’s website, browse the inventory and send me the list of items you are interested in. I will work on a quote that we will review together to make sure everyone is comfortable with the choices and options. If you are interested in stylism service, we can meet to discuss about the venue and your vision and ideas.

We take care of everything, from delivery to pick-up. We can also set everything in place for the big day and pick everything up in the evening.


How far in advance should brides contact you for their wedding?

The best is that an engaged couple contacts me one year to six months in advance, so that we have all the time we need to find the perfect items for their wedding. But a few weeks prior to the event could be fine too!

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Is there anything new or in the works for La Mariée Bohème?

A lot of exciting projects for us and for Montreal brides! In 2017, we are planning Montreal’s first ever wedding festival for the modern boho bride! Le Cœur Bohème will take place on March 19 at la Gare Viger (735 Rue Berri, Montreal) and will be the occasion for engaged couples to meet curated and talented vendors. I can’t wait!

We will also be adding some amazing new pieces to our inventory…. Stay tuned!

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Thank you Victoria for sharing all that with us! Are you interested in contacting her? Go ahead and let la Mariée Bohème transform your wedding decoration with style.

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