Finding an invitation template that you like and that somehow looks like you is not an easy task! That’s why I created a tree wedding invitation printable made-to-measure for a friend who was looking for a rustic-chic mood with a little bit of green. The dark blue background was exactly fitting her color palette which was silver and blue. The tree was meant as a symbol of the strength of their union and the love the bride and groom have for nature. Guess what’s also great about this freebie? It’s free!

You like the template? Feel free to download it and to play with it! Have fun with fonts and styles, go creative and personnalize this invitation for it to reflect your union.

Tree Wedding Invitation Printable

How to use your tree wedding invitation printable?

  • Click on one of the below buttons and download the invitation you want. You have the choice between English and French, and both PDF version with crop marks (useful if you need to have your wedding invitation printed by a professional printer), and JPG version without crops marks (an image, to be used if you plan to send your invites by e-mail for example).
EN Version – PDFEN Version – JPEGFR Version – PDFFR Version – JPG
  • Write you personal informations thanks to an editing software (I used Photoshop, but you can also get a good result with Word)
  • Save, print, send, and it’s a done deal!

You like the fonts I chose for Marie-Christine and David’s invitations? It’s Pathfinder (You are invited to), Stylish Calligraphy (Marie-Christine & David) and Hipsterish (notes at the bottom of the invitation). If you are looking for pretty font ideas, go read this article!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this exclusive freebie!

Tree Wedding Invitation Printable
Beautiful printable invitation! It's free and seriously pretty.I LOVE the rustique-chic mood and the tree... A gorgeous wedding invitation.

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