While I was building a wedding arch for the ceremony of my friend Jessica, I’ve been confronted to the creation of an easy DIY floral arrangement for the first time. I made a few research and after a few trials and errors, I think I finally came up with something pretty nice! Here is how you could proceed if you wish to give it a try.

Easy DIY Floral Arrangement

You can use the same technique for a floral arrangement hanging on a support (like here on the arch), or in a vase, for a centerpiece for example.

Project Length


Difficuly Level



  • Wet foam brick if you use fresh flowers (garden center, Michaels)
  • Fresh flowers (florist or wildflowers)
  • Foliage (florist ou wild foliage)
  • Pruning knife or scissors
Easy DIY Floral Arrangement



1. Soak your foam for about 20 minutes. To do so, slowly put your brick on the edge of your bowl filled with water and let it soak by itself. This will prevent the center of your brick to remain dry.

2. Cut your foam brick at the desired shape. Keep in mind you will be sticking a lot of flowers and foliage into the foam, so it’s not necessary to cut a bigger piece than necessary. If you do a centerpiece or if you wish to put your foam in a container, carefully insert it in the vase.

Easy DIY Floral Arrangement: Soak your foam brick in water

3. Using your pruning knife or a kitchen knife, cut your flower stems with bevelled carving. This will allow them to absorb ater from the foam and to remain fresh for a longer time.

Easy DIY Floral Arrangement: Cut your flower stems with bevelled carving.

4. Stick your flowers and foliage into the foam, as homogeneously as possible. Let your creativity speak and trust your sense of taste to make your DIY floral arrangement!

Easy DIY Floral Arrangement: Stick your flowers and foliage into the foam

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