When my friend Jessica came with the mission to build a DIY wedding arch for her wedding ceremony, I didn’t know if I had to be worried or impatient! The challenge was quite big to build this decorative element that always gives a little something to a ceremony. So I pinned several tutorials on Pinterest. I made my own research and my tests. Of course, I asked my carpenter husband to help to make sure everything wouldn’t fall apart on the bride and the groom the D Day.

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DIY Wedding Arch for less than $150

The wedding was going to be an outdoors one but the weather was not too cooperative. That’s why we decided to do a bamboo arch, planted into two planters filled with sand and crushed stone. However, if you have an outdoor wedding with a ceremony on grass or on sand, you can also plant your bamboos in the ground. 

DIY Wedding Arch for less than $150

Do you want to know how to build a nice DIY wedding arch for your ceremony? Follow the guide! Bonus: our arch didn’t even cost $150. The bride was happy, believe me!


Project Length

2 hours at 2 people

Difficuly Level



  • 3 long bamboos (garden store, $30)
  • Twine (hardware store, $3)
  • 2 elongated planters (garden store, 2x$40)
  • 2 bags of sand (garden store, 2x$5)
  • Medium size crushed stone (hardware store, $5)
  • 4 pieces of wood cut at 45 degrees (hardware store, $5)

Decorative supplies (optional)




1. Prepare your planters: fill them with sand to ballast them. Cut out a hole in the plastic container normally used to retain water. The hole will let the bamboo go through to be able to plant in the sand, at the bottom of the planter. To hold your bamboos as straight as possible, you can add pieces of wood cut in an angle of 45 degrees. This will help your structure to stabilize.

DIY Wedding Arch: fill your planters with sand to ballast them
DIY Wedding Arch: add four pieces of wood cut at 45 degrees.

2. Garnish to top part of your planters with crushed stone.

DIY Wedding Arch: garnish your planters with crushed stone.

3. Tie the 3rd piece of bamboo horizontally to the two other ones, using twine. Don’t hesitate to turn around your bamboos and to tighten well for your DIY wedding arch to be solid.

DIY Wedding Arch: tie your bamboos with twine.

4. Decorate your arch with net curtains and tie them around the bamboos.

DIY Wedding Arch: tie net curtains to your bamboos for decoration.

5. Add your flower arrangements (tutorial available here) and tie them tight to your bamboos. Garnish with foliage according to your taste, to give the final touch to your decoration. You can use clear tape and wire to hang your pieces. 

DIY Wedding Arch: add your flower arrangements and tie them to the bamboos.
DIY Wedding Arch for less than $150


If you want to plant your DIY wedding arch in the ground and that the surfacing allows you to, that’s also possible! To do so, slice your bamboos diagonally. Drill the inside to be able to insert a wood stick in it and strongly plant your structure in the ground.

DIY Wedding Arch: slice your bamboos diagonally to plant them in the ground.

Don’t hesitate to make some tests before the D Day to be sure of what you are doing. I also strongly advise you to be two people to install the arch. It’s almost impossible to do it alone. Are you ready to take the plunge and to build your own DIY wedding arch? Let’s share our experiences: send us your photos! I love to see the results of the DIY projects we publish on the blog. Enjoy and have some fun!

Wow! A DIY bamboo wedding arch for less than $150 tutorial! Looks quite easy to do and the article explains how to do it step by step. Love it! It would look really nice for my wedding ceremony...
Wow! A DIY bamboo wedding arch for less than $150 tutorial! Looks quite easy to do and the article explains how to do it step by step. Love it! It would look really nice for my wedding ceremony...

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