A wedding dress is a treasure. The bride searched for it for a long time, imagined it since she was very young. It is probably the most delicate accessory to choose, so it is better to make the right choice!

Several kinds of dresses are offered:

  • Long
  • Short
  • A-line
  • Siren
  • Trumpet
  • Etc.


Bride with her bridesmaids

Photo credit: Sarah White Photography

The choice must be meticulous and especially with great patience.

It is a choice that is dictated by beauty more than comfort for most of us. Who has not dreamed of taking pictures outside with a long white dress? How romantic! Or how about a beautiful mermaid dress that mirrors our beautiful curves? To think of it, these beautiful dresses that we love so much are not the most practical when it comes time to dance or even to walk between tables to greet our guests.

Even if you say “this is only for tonight”, how about offering a second life and transforming your wedding dress, instead of sending it to join the bottom of your wardrobe after your wedding? Here are 3 tips from a bride to another, for a sucessful transformation!

Tip # 1: Deal with a professional

The transformation of a wedding dress can be done with any kind of wedding dress, as long as we have a good seamstress and a good realistic idea of what we desire.

If you are comfortable with a sewing machine, still be careful. Cutting a wedding dress means cutting several layers of fabrics evenly, which is not recommended to do alone. To give a second life to a dress that already has many details like lace or pearls, you should call a professional.

When I wanted to transform my wedding dress, I went to a known seamstress. We evaluated what was the dress original shape and what it could offer after being cut. My dress had a mermaid style shape and I wanted to turn it into a tea-cup a-line, to have a more vintage style and above all to be able to dance comfortably.

Tip # 2: Negotiate your price … but not too much!

Depending on the dressmaker, whether it is on the Island of Montreal or on the south or north shores, the price may vary. I was lucky to find one in Longueuil who did an impeccable job and was very affordable. It took 4 sessions to get the final result, but it only cost me $ 450: an excellent price. In search of a lower price, you might venture on a dangerous path:  less than $ 450, you may be disappointed with the result.

Tip # 3: Be specific about what you want

If you want to transform your wedding dress into a cocktail dress, it is also possible! I advise you to arrive with pictures of models that you found on the Internet for your first visit with your seamstress. The Pinterest platform is a jewel when it comes to find great pictures and ideas!

Be clear about what you want, this will avoid misunderstandings and disappointments. I also found that the more fitting sessions possible, the better it is because it allows me and the seamstress to spot the small details to be corrected.

Bride dancing with short dress

Maybe some of you will not want to transform your wedding dress and it is understandable. A wedding dress is an exceptional dress and very special to the bride. But with time, you will realize that it takes up a lot of room in your wardrobe and that the photos you took  pay tribute to this beautiful dress.

Recycling your wedding dress is like giving it another life, while keeping it close to your heart.

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