Are you familiar with Etsy? This website is a real wonder, a sort of Aladdin’s cave filled with thousands of hancrafted articles, vintage products and various creative supplies. Millions of people around the world are selling objets they created with their own hands. Let me tell you that it’s easy to get lost there and to spend countless hours combing through the plateform.

Using Etsy for your wedding is a real good idea and here is why:

  • You encourage local artisans and participate to a sustainable growth for these artists-entrepreneurs.
  • Choice is almost infinite and you’ll find that only you imagination will stop you. You can find anything on Etsy!
  • You can choose ultra original and rarely seen elements. In a word, be different.

To give you an idea of what you can find on the site, I listed for you 25 Etsy finds that should inspire you right away!

Boîte à bijoux prisme géométrique en verre, laiton et cuivre, Etsy

Note: all the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you end up bying one of these products after reading my article, I will earn a commission on your purchase.

1. Signs

Signs are very trendy in weddings and I have to say it: I’m a fan! A welcome sign with a delicate calligraphy or directional signs to guide your guests can bring a cool touch to your wedding.

Welcome sign, $35 to 118 depending on size

Wood welcome sign - Etsy
Wood directional sign - Etsy
Kraft paper directional signs printable - Etsy
Mr & Mrs kraft signs - Etsy

2. Place card holders

You want something different from simple white paper cards? You’re not patient enough to create your own place card holders for all your guests? Ask Etsy’s artists to do it for you! Here is an overwiew of lovely place card holders I found on the website.

Adorable wooden moutain place card holders, $138 for 30 units

wooden moutain place card holders, Etsy
copper place card holders, Etsy
Marque-places mini-troncs d'arbre, Etsy


Wine cork place card holders, $10.50 for 10 units

Pssst! Vous pouvez embrasser la mariée’s DIY version is just here.

Wine cork place card holders, Etsy
golden metal place card holders balls, Etsy
Cartons marque-places simples et glamour à paillettes dorées, Etsy
animal place card holder magnets, Etsy

3. Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Being a huge fan of jewel boxes, I can only urge you to find a pretty little box to keep your precious rings safe before the D day. It will also be the perfect accessory for your wedding photo shoot. L & S bought one for their wedding, do you remember? Their Etsy wooden boxes where a huge hit. Here are some more I fell for!

Personnalized wooden box, $39

Personnalized wooden box, Etsy
Boîte à bijoux prisme géométrique en verre, laiton et cuivre, Etsy
Engraved rustic wedding ring box, Etsy
Set of 2 Mr & Mrs boxes, Etsy
Vintage wood and burlap ring bearer box, Etsy

4. Made-to-mesure decorations

Are you looking for a plethora of paper lanters, in a particular color? Pennant or bunting banners to highlight the ceiling of your venue? Once again, search Etsy to find the perfect items for your wedding theme!

Maps pennant banner, $13

Pssst! The tutorial to make your own no-sew pennant banners is just here! 

Maps pennant banner, Etsy
Paper lanterns kit, Etsy
Tissue paper pom poms and paper lanterns, Etsy


Tassel garland, $28

Pssst! I made a super easy video tutorial to show you how to do it yourself if you want to give it a try.

Tassel garland, Etsy
Guirlande de ronds en papier carton, Etsy
Origami paper crane garland, Etsy
4 feet fabric garland, Etsy

4. Car stickers

I was pleasantly surprised by Etsy’s car stickers selection. This kind of detail can really make a difference! Choose well and add it to your wedding car: it will instantly give it a nice little look!

Just Married customizable car sticker, $63

Vintage Just Married customizable car sticker, Etsy
Calligraphed Just Married car sticker, Etsy
and so the adventure begins car sticker, Etsy


I hope you enjoyed my selection of Etsy finds for your wedding!

Do not hesitate to take the time to search through this virtual store. You will most likely find your own favorite things and make your heart beat faster.

Enjoy your shopping!

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